So instead of everyone being distracted by an AI that can mimic biblical verse/language for mundane or amusing questions - perhaps we should start asking the questions which matter - how can we stop AIs being built and trained on bad data?

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When we have millions of articles pushed by giant corporations and marketers to create a false online narrative which supports their business models we are basically in the situation of "shit in, shit out".

So whereas the ChatGPT AI might seem like a great deal of fun - there is a darker & more serious side that technologists, legal professionals & regulators should be paying attention to - what happens when people start to use these tools believing the responses are factual and accurate...?

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You see there is a great deal of demonstrably false information online so if we create AI's that rely on that information for learning, we create AIs which are useless at best and incredibly dangerous at the other end of the scale.

For example - all of the questions I have seen posted with answers from ChatGPT share the same problem - the answers are wrong and they are wrong because the data sourced to answer the questions is wrong.

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is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with .

All the serious questions I have seen answered so far (in my area which is , and ) are clearly based on information siphoned from the which is where the problem stems from.

Quick question to the folks in my network - can anyone recommend a humidity control box for my filament? I have seen a bunch I can print and use drying agents to keep the humidity levels under control but would rather get one which has a heater built in and can be set and forget.

I see a lot of different ones on Amazon but we all know you can never trust Amazon reviews anymore, so looking for what you folks are using yourselves and can recommend.


Just did an interview with the Irish Independent about my lawsuit against LinkedIn for algorithmic defamation and discrimination.

The story is expected to run on Sunday.

He took an early interest in my work in 2008 and I spoke at a conference in Rio at his invitation back in 2010.

He is widely known in the community but the people he helped amount too far more than that.

A beautiful man with a big heart and always had time to help people understand and .

His passing is a huge loss for all and I only hope he is able to enjoy the same joy in his next life as he brought to those of us in this life.

I will miss you my old friend.

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The last half of last week (which was an incredible week with many positives) was shrouded with sadness as I found out an old friend would be passing within days.

Danilo Doneda was a scholar and something of an unsung hero. He drafted the first data protection law in Brazil and worked tirelessly to reform privacy not just in brazil but across the entire region of South America.

A couple of years ago I broke the story about being in total breach of - the post went viral, multiple press articles followed & multiple Regulators put Clubhouse on notice (after I reported them).

Today we see the results with the first enforcement action coming from the SA and fining Clubhouse 2 million Euros for reasons echoing my concerns in the article which can be found here:

Oh and I should add I did this with ZERO money - just determination and words.

Now I am an extremely well paid consultant - I do not struggle financially - now I have a significant disposable income - it doesn't take a genius to figure out how I am going to spend that...

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So my message to and other giant corporations is as follows - you think Max Schrems is scary - you ain't seen nothing yet.

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In 2023 I will become a qualified lawyer with an Advanced Master of Laws in privacy, and data protection - shit is about to get real because 2023 will be my year of reckoning for companies processing my data illegally.

There will be no more Regulatory Complaints which sit for 5 years without action (I am looking at you ) - there will be lawsuits and there will be a very large number of them.

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Back then I was a naive but passionate determined to stop technology (which I love) from being used to control people instead of them - I had no legal qualifications or experience - just my passion for learning and fixing things.

I have been a pain in the ass of big tech companies ever since - but things are about to escalate...

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In 1997-2000 I studied a double major in and at University.

In 2005-2008 I studied the impact of on in another double major - this time in and

In 2008-2009 I ran one of the biggest grass roots campaign the European Commission had ever seen which led to sweeping changes to and ( and ) and bankrupted a BILLION dollar company.

Companies thought I was tough to deal with when I was just a computer scientist interested in law - I bankrupted a BILLION dollar adtech company then - with zero legal qualifications.

2023 I become a lawyer - shit is going to get real very quickly...

Literally - every single company that I find out is processing my data illegally in 2023 is going to receive a lawsuit, because I am waaaaaay beyond pissed off at this point.

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I want *all* people to make a New Year's Resolution for 2023 NOT to send any ILLEGAL direct marketing - and this should not be like the gym New Year's Resolution where you do it for 3 weeks then go back to your usual habits - you have to STOP this shit, because I have started suing companies for this and 2023 will be my "I'm gonna sue you." year.

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1 week away on a business trip and I get home to 1376 spam emails from big brands like Volvo Cars, Opel, Ford Motor Company and many more.

When will marketers start to obey the law?

Back home today, lot of work to do. I have to somehow figure out how to keep working whilst simultaneously completely emptying my office so I can install the new desks.

Then I need to put up shelves, attach the monitor arms to the wall and mount my massive new Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo 49" insanely widescreen monitor.

Then I need to setup the

Then I need to redo all the office/house network to integrate the 10GbE switch I got on .

Gonna be a busy week...

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